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We have a collection of resources and helpful FAQs to help you with your Roomies experience.

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Finding a room

Learn how to create your room wanted profile and find suitable homes.

Creating a profile

Rent your room

Tips on getting started renting our your spare room on Roomies.

Creating a listing

Communicating on Roomies

Learn how the Roomies messaging system helps you to communicate safely with potential roomies.

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Frequently asked questions

I need help finding a room

Roomies is a free self-service website where you need to search online for potential rooms and roomies. You need to communicate with other users directly through the website to ask questions or arrange a viewing.

Start your search by creating your room wanted profile and then browse the available listings. The communication options are available near the bottom of each listing when you are logged in.

I want to inquire about or view a room

Roomies is a free peer to peer website so you need to communicate directly with the listing owner to inquire, apply for or view a room. To do this, you will need to create your free account and verify yourself.

Remember to view the property and meet the roommates before paying any money.

How to communicate with other users
I want to remove my listing(s)

Removing your listing is easy, just log into your account and visit your dashboard. If you have a live listing then you will see a "deactivate my account" link at the bottom, click this, and your account will be deactivated. It will remain dormant until you need it next.

If you have multiple listings, you can pause an individual listing by clicking on that listing from your dashboard and selecting to pause the listing from a dropdown at the top of the listing page.

If you have finished your search and no longer looking for a room or a roomie, then visit your dashboard and click on "deactivate my account". This will pause your listings, stop emails and make your account dormant until the next time you use it.

If you are still searching but do not want to receive listings via email, then you can do this from your account settings. There is an option to turn your listing alerts off.

Unsubscribe/stop emails

If you have finished your search and are no longer looking for a room or roomie then visit your dashboard and click on "deactivate my account" which will pause your listings, stop emails and make your account dormant for the next time you use it.

If you are still searching but do not want to receive listings via email then you can do this in account settings. There is an option to turn your listings alerts off.

I need help uploading photos

To manage your room and images, please go to your dashboard or the image uploader to change the photos.

For room wanted profiles or a member photo you can click on the round placeholder on your dashboard or room wanted profile, select your image and then wait for the image to upload and the page to refresh.

If this is still not working then try from another device or browser. If you are still having problems, please contact support.

I'm having trouble logging into my account

There could be two problems that will cause you not having access to your account. Either you have forgotten your password or your email address was not entered correctly and not recognized.

Password problems

  1. Reset your password. This can be done from the login page. The reset password option will email you a link which you can use to enter a new password.
  2. Magic login link. This can also be done from the login page. This provides quick access to your account via a magic email or SMS link which when clicked will log you into your account. This is a great option if you are not receiving the password reset email because you can use the SMS link to access your account

Email address not recognized

Your email will be in our system exactly as it was provided when you signed up. Sometimes this means people used one of their alternative email addresses or misspelt their email when signing up. If you are receiving emails from us then your email address is correct. If you are not, then you will need to create a new account.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) issues

If you have 2FA enabled please use the authenticator app to generate a code and allow you back into the account. To enable 2FA you must have used an authenticator app to provide a code. Popular authenticator apps include 1Password, Google Authenticator and Authy.

I have a dispute with a roommate

Every state has different laws and procedures for handling tenant-landlord disputes.

It is typically encouraged to attempt to settle the issues between the parties before filing an official complaint. If this cannot be done, you can visit your local courthouse for more advice and help with your next steps.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is a great department to contact for more housing complaint information and has information about your state tenant rights.

Alternatively you may choose to visit a small claim court, a special court where disputes are resolved quickly without needing an Attorney. Small claims courts are inexpensive and carried out by a county judge. Be sure to check your state requirements, as every state has a different maximum claim limit for a hearing to be considered.

I want to delete my account

You can delete your account in account settings. Once your account is deleted, you will no longer be able to access any information or purchases, such as background or credit checks. If you need to use Roomies again in future, you will need to create and verify a new account and purchase these again. Alternatively, you can pause your listing. This can be done by clicking "pause" on your dashboard.

This will mean your listing is dormant and can be used again in future without having to re-upload any information, all you need to do is select "resume listing". It will not be visible to users when paused.

I can't add my address or locations to my listing

Addresses and locations are provided by Mapbox, and like all data sources, they are not perfect. If you are having problems entering your property address or search locations, then follow these steps:

  1. Check you are entering a location correctly. This is done by starting to type the address or location and then selecting from the provided options in the dropdown. This is done by clicking or tapping on the locations provided. If you do not select from the options provided, then our system cannot accept your address as it does not have all the additional information required to make the website work.
  2. If the site is not suggesting the right location, then you need to simplify it. In the case of an address, this means removing the apartment or route number and trying just the street. If this does not work then you need to use a close-by main road to list your room. With search locations, you need to choose an alternative name or a more general area.
How long does the security check take

Our security system is working 24/7 to keep the website as safe as possible. However, no matter how smart we build our system, sometimes it needs help from humans to check listings, which may cause a delay.

I want to call or contact Roomies

Unfortunately, we do not have a customer service telephone line.

We will endeavor to help out via email where we can, but we strongly advise you to try and use the information provided in the support section and information articles in the footer of the website to answer your question before contacting us.

We can only help out with questions regarding the use of the website and any problems or bugs you are experiencing.

Don’t worry, the website is designed to be self-service. This means you need to use the website to find rooms or roomies and ask for information about those listings directly with the listing owners.

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